A good snapshot keeps the moment from running away !

Well said, isn’t it?? We know you feel and share a similar love for the photos. Pictures are the main reason why people can spend their whole days with a social network. No story is complete unless you have pictures to show. And then images say more than the words, no matter how much you have got, next time you see a picture there will be another thing to tell. Dubai is a great city and will provide you happening backgrounds either you are walking in the streets or visiting some mall or glittering hotels. We believe that it will be hard to decide for you one picture out of all that can completely tell your tour tale of Dubai.
qandora local dress in Desert

Arabic Desses In Dubai Desert

At Dune Bashing Dubai with all the modern facilities to make you comfortable we bring to you the happening traditional costumes in style. We know you love to look beautiful. Now you may do it in Arabian style. Dune bashing’s friendly tourism service helps you get dressed in customary Arabian costumes and have the best photography experience of your life.

The costumes come in all sizes and there are many wonderful color and design choices for male and female. The price terms are easy to handle. Avail this wonderful opportunity at ease by selecting dune bashing as your tourism company in Dubai.

We know that you will come to Dubai to collect memories and we are here to help you with the most wonderful ones. For booking and details, Contact Us, now.