Mehndi Design Or Mehandi Designs Or Some Called Mehendi Design !

Henna Designs is a very popular and loved form of art in the UAE and other south Asian countries. Henna is a soothing herb perfectly suitable for skin.
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Henna Designs in Dubai Desert

Henna leaves are processed into powder form and then mixed with other safe chemicals to make a paste. The art is more like a tattoo art except the fact that the application is painless and certainly brings no harm to skin. Also it dries off quickly leaving beautiful painted Henna design colors on your hands and gets disappear after a few days. It is being used for centuries by women to apply beautiful art Mehndi Design Or Mehandi Designs on their hands and feet especially at wedding and other special cultural and religious occasions.

Different cultures apply designs in their own preferred ways, out of these Indian and Arabic styles are the most appreciated ones all over the world. All of these are breathtaking and can truly satisfy the desire of being unique and beautiful for women.

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