Satiate in Sufism !

Tanoura dancing is an ancient form of soothing entertainment that depicts the beautiful culture of Egypt. The spiritual feel of this practice comes from the will and effort of the performers who acknowledge and praise God and nature in a unique and indulging way. With music, dance and costumes, everything in this dance is aimed to inspire those souls who believe in nature and believe that the world in its present shape is a miracle of God. If you believe that all arts are beautiful!! If you know how to appreciate simplicity, this show is a must watch for you.
tanoura dance in Dubai Desert

Tanoura Dance In Dubai Desert

The colors of the performer’s costumes, the beautiful stages and backgrounds are quiet enough to fill the heart and soul of one with peace. The costumes are uncomplicated. Yet each simple and colorful patch depicting the nature and weathers and all the transitions that the world is going through in a beautiful way helps you refreshing your beliefs and understandings.

The whole performance basically consists of slow circular motions that resembles to the movement of earth and human reactions to this change. The music and lyrics that are used to create the feeling and atmosphere of selflessness is something you might have not experienced in a long time.

If you are in Evening Desert Safari, dune bashing has this great opportunity for you to fulfill your religious soul. Enjoy the inspiring performance of the Tanoura after your visit to gorgeous modern Dubai and give a perfect simple end to your tour. For more information and bookings call our mavens now.