Fun and coziness all in one go of Camel Safari !

In the metropolitan city of Dubai, everything is larger than life. When you see places and activities Dubai offers over the internet or discuss them with friends, you often can’t decide, “What the things you must try are.” There are fascinating modern buildings with architectural miracles to display, and there are deserts and mountains that make you recall how fulfilling nature is. Well, we must tell you that every color of Dubai has bundles of fun and joy and is worth trying once.

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Camel Safari In Dubai

A camel ride is one of the traditional fun things not available at ease very often in most cities. Yet, this conventional Arabic travel ride served people for years. And at dune bashing, we offer multiple tours of camel safari in the Dubai desert.

We have healthy and well-trained camels that you can have for riding your desert trip and enjoying the Arabian culture fully without worrying about the safety of yourself and your family.

In Dubai, you get a chance to see the sunrise while riding a camel in the Dubai desert and sunset. Riding a camel in the desert is the main activity of all the desert safari Dubai tour.

The timing and prices of each tour are different if you go on sharing bases in evening safari with camel ride that cost you 230 AED per person. On the other hand, suppose you book a premium red dunes and camel ride tour that cost you 300 AED. To know more about the prices of camel safari and deals, contact us.

We offer camel safari in the morning, evening, and during the overnight desert safari. So even if you plan a short visit to Dubai and UAE, Desert Safari Dubai merits a full day. Besides, there are remarkable and loud happening things that you will experience during your desert trip.

Add this to your tourism experience checklist now and Contact Us for reasonable price quotes and time availabilities. We assure you that you will like our camel hosts more than a lot.