Sandboarding in Dubai !

Sandboarding in Dubai is similar to snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing. Sandboarding involves riding across the dunes while standing on sand board.

The outdoor sand boarding activity is very famous in the desert area, especially in Dubai, Qatar, and Egypt. If you are located near big dunes, and the dunes have silky sand must try it.

Sandboarding is not something new, and it’s a lost art. Centuries ago, Egyptians used wood planks to slide down from big dunes and move heavy cargo across the desert.

Sandboarding in Dubai is one of the exciting excursions that can be a hot chapter in your tourism history. If you are visiting the UAE or a resident of the UAE and looking for some thrilling activity in the desert, then sandboarding in Dubai is the perfect choice for you.

At dune bashing, we possess the best sandboards for sand surfing in the Dubai desert. We make sure that all the precautions are checked (like waxing the board so that it will move smoothly on sand) before you have your perfect adventure.

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Sandbaording in Dubai Desert

Types of Sand boards in Dubai

There are three different types of sand boards available in the Dubai market.

Artisan sandboard: It’s also called learner or basic sand board; usually, it’s a handmade and rustic deck used to sandboard over small desert dunes.

Semiprofessional or Intermediate sandboard: It’s also a handmade deck with Velcro or similar pads that help sand border stand on it the board and learn some basics of sandboarding.

Professional sandboard: These sand boards are made up of snowboard technology. The professionals use it to do the sandboarding on the big dunes.

Sand boards come in different sizes, the bigger size is used by the professionals to gain more speed, and it’s difficult to maneuver; medium size and small size sand boards are easy to handle and used by beginners and semiprofessionals. The size of sand boards starts from 115cm goes up to 158cm. We at Dune Bashing use special sandboard wax that helps sandboard to increase your ride time and length.

Best Places for The Sandboarding in Dubai

Al Badayer Oasis: Al Badayer desert is an hour away from Down Town Dubai. It’s one of the best places for Dubai sand boarding. Al Badayer has many desert camps also, and tourism companies go there for the desert safari dubai tour. This desert has so many big dunes, which are perfect for sand boarding in Dubai.

Lahbab Desert: Lahbab or Lehbab desert is 45 minutes drive from Down Town Dubai. This desert area is also called the red dune desert. Mostly people safari captains take you there for dune bashing and sand boarding.

Al Aweer Desert Al Aweer desert is famous for the desert safari tours, and this is the nearest desert to Dubai. 80% of the desert camps are located in this area. The dunes of the Al Aweer are not big, so if you are a learner sand border, then this place is best for you.

Best Tours of Sand Boarding in Dubai.

Evening Desert Safari Evening safari is 6 hours tour, and you will be picked from your location in 4x4 between 3:00 PM to 3:30 PM. Sunset desert safari Dubai is the most demanding desert tour and has lots of activities. You get a chance to do sand boarding while watching the sunset in the Dubai desert..

Morning Desert Safari: Morning desert safari is 4 hours tour; the pickup timing of this tour is flexible; you can select any pickup time from 5:00 AM to 10:00 AM. During the morning desert safari, you get a chance to do the dune bashing in Lahbab desert “Red Dunes.”

We offer Dubai sandboarding activities in all of our desert tours. On all other desert tours, you get a chance for sand boarding for a short time. Please email us or call us for more information.