Excitement that is more than usual and that you will want to try more than one time !

If people think that you are one of the normal boring people, this is the perfect minute to change this opinion. Inspire the adventure you have always been hiding inside your soul.
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Sandbaording in Dubai Desert

Switch on to your excitement mode and get ready for a tour that will add bold value to your exploration tales, because the world’s best desert is existing for you with limitless fun things to propose.

Who says deserts offer less fun. In desert Safari Dubai which is one of the largest and most popular among world’s deserts, dune bashing tourism company manages for you tons of excitement with complete safety and maximum assistance. Our mavens are trained professionally to guide you through out about anything at all you will want to know.

Sand boarding is one of the exciting adventures that can be a hot chapter in your tourism history. Visiting UAE and no sand boarding will be a big miss that you should not afford.

At dune bashing we possess best equipment for the purpose. We make sure that all the precautions are checked (like waxing the board so that it will move smoothly on sand) before you have your perfect adventure.

Get picked up in the morning times that are considered most favorite of champion sand boarders because it allows relaxing possibilities in not so sunny and almost cool temperatures.

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