Want a private Hummer and an excusive Desert Safari

If you are looking for an exclusive ride in Hummer that takes you to the desert where you start dune bashing the high dunes of dubai desert, we offer exlusive hummer desert safari deal that is not just a luxury but adds so much trill to the adventure of your life time.
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Hummer Desert Safari Details

Tour Details Of VIP Desert Safari:

At Dune Bashing, we offer an exlusive Hummer Desert Safari. Instead of a standard 4x4 vehicle, a hummer will arrive at your door step and your journey starts in style and luxry. Hummer will drive you the desert and you will enjoy a 45 minutes session of bashing the high and low dunes of Dubai desert.

After that you will be taken to camp deep into the desert and you will enjoy all the activities offered in evening desert safari like B.B.Q dinner, belly dance, tanura dance, music, sheesha and all others.

Once all the camp acitivies end, your hummer ride will be just waiting outside the camp. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride to your drop off location.

If you want to have an exclusive desert safari in style and luxury, you should go for hummer desert safari.

What's included in Overnight Desert Safari

15:00 - 15:45 hrs
21:00 - 21:45 hrs
Approx. 6 hours (including transportation time)


Pregnant women and very elderly people are also not recommended.

Your safety comes first. So along with offering great Desert Safari deals we take complete care of your safety and security. Therefore, our vehicles are checked to make sure they are safe and contain safety equipment. Moreover, all our vehicles are insured with passengers. We advise everyone to wear their seat belts to ensure their personal safety and we train our staff to provide first aid and to ensure safety standards are followed by the passengers and the driver.
You must take your camera when you are going to a Hummer desert safari tour in Dubai as the views are breath taking and ever rememberable. You should wear comfortable clothes and avoid jewelry or expensive watch and cell phones as there are no signals at the camp sight.