Best Desert Safari Dubai

Desert safari Dubai is one of the most demanding tours of the Dubai desert. This tour is also called Evening desert safari Dubai or sunset desert safari Dubai. Desert safari tours have lots of activities. First, it includes dune bashing, "referred to as a desert safari," one of the most thrilling activities of a desert tour. Another most demanding activity is a camel ride or camel trekking tour. If you love to ride a horse, you get the opportunity to ride at the red dunes of the Dubai desert.

During the desert tour, you get a chance a ride a quad bike or ATV in the open desert, and you don't need a driving license for that. After the sunset desert safari Dubai tour bring some more exciting desert activities like Falcon photography, sandboarding, live belly dance show, tanoura dance show along with delicious BBQ dinner "Which includes Veg and Non-Veg."

Dubai desert safari is a 5 hours tour, which starts in the afternoon around 3:00 PM and ends around 9:00 PM. During the desert safari, you get a chance to see the sunset in the Dubai desert, along with the dune bashing near the fossil rocks. Desert near fossil rock have red color sand and know as big red dubai.

Evening Desert Safari falcon in dubai desert tanour dance show in desert Dune Bashing in Dubai Desert Desert Safari Dubai tanoura dance show falcon show in dubai desert.jpg camel ride in Dubai Desert camel safari in dubai

Red Dune Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai Price

Per Adult: 130 AED / 36$
Per Kid: 110 AED / 30$

Desert Safari Dubai Timing

Pickup Time: 15:00 - 15:30 hrs
Drop of Time: 20:30 - 21:00 hrs

Evening Desert Safari Duration: Approx. 6 hours

Days of Operations: Daily



Dubai Safari Package

We offer different packages for the evening desert safari; the description and price of these packages are described below.

Evening Desert Safari

In this package, Pick and drop from your location, anywhere in Dubai but on sharing basis. You and some other guests will be in the same land cruiser. The capacity of the land cruiser is six pax. Dune bashing will be at the red dunes of the Dubai desert and for 30 minutes. Seating arrangements will be in 1st row of the desert camp stage or anywhere with a good stage view. Dinner will be self-service; you have to take it from the buffet. The rest of the tour activities remains the same. The price of this tour, also known as “best desert safari tour,” Per Adult, is 130 AED and per kid is 100 AED.

Luxury Desert Safari Dubai

We offer private pick and drop from your pace during the luxury desert safari Dubai tour in the latest land cruiser model. Private pickup means you and your friends and family members are only in that 4x4. In this desert tour dune bashing, timing increased to 45 minutes at red dunes of Dubai desert. During this tour, our desert safari captain will take you to a camel farm. Once you reach the desert camp, your seating arrangements will be according to your choice, either in an Air-conditioned cabin with a clear view of the desert camp stage or very next to the stage. During this tour dinner will be served on your table rest remain same. In a Luxury desert tour, you are not charged per person. However, this tour will be charged per vehicle, and that is 750 AED in total.

Desert Safari Dubai Deals

In the desert safari deal, you have to come to our pickup location. We have different pickup spots, and you can select any according to your convenience. To know more about our pickup location, call us or send us an email. From the pickup spot, you will be picked in Luxury buses. Once our bus reaches our desert location, our safari captains will pick you in 4x4 and take you for the dune bashing. Dune bashing timing during this tour is around 15 – 20 minutes. For prices and availability, please drop us a call or send us an email because the prices of our deals keep changing.

How Desert Safari Dubai Tour Goes On

  • Pick & Drop from Your Location in 4x4.
    Our safari captain will pick you from your location anywhere in Dubai or Sharjah. Pickup time for the desert safari tour depends on your pickup location. If pickup is from downtown or old Dubai, pick up will be between 3:00 PM to 3:30 PM. Pick-up location is towards JBR, Dubai Marina, The Palm, discovery garden, sports city, or discovery garden; the pickup time will be 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM.

  • 4 x 4 Vehicle Ride or Dune Bashing Dubai.
    After pickup, once you reach the desert safari location, you will enjoy the dune bashing for 30 minutes or 45 minutes if you select a luxury desert safari tour. It’s a thrilling ride, and all our safari captains are experts in it.

  • Stop To Take Photos in Dubai Desert
    After a thrilling dune bashing ride, our driver stops at any big dune to take pictures. So if you ever want to capture a beautiful sunset and see the colors and shining of the sand changing, then this desert safari trip is precisely for you.

  • Camel Ride Dubai.
    Our Desert Safari Deal also offers camel rides in the Dubai desert. This ride is only for a few minutes, and you can extend the camel riding time by booking a camel trekking tour along with an evening desert safari in Dubai.

  • Quad Biking Dubai.
    After the camel ride, if you want to take your desert safari experience to the next level, you can choose the different types of quad bikes. Unfortunately, the quad ride is not part of the desert safari package; you have to pay extra for 100 AED for 20 minutes.

  • Welcome Drinks.
    Once you reach our desert camp, you will be greeted by our welcome drinks, including tea, coffee, and Ghawa with dates.

  • Sand Boarding in Dubai Desert.
    Sandboarding is a part of this desert safari tour. Once you enter our desert camp, you will find the sandboards from our reception.

  • Photoshoot in traditional Arabic Clothes.
    When in Rome, do what the Romans do. So following this, our safari tour also offers an extensive photoshoot, which you can do in our camp in Arabian style. You get a chance to wear Arabian clothes so you can genuinely enjoy yourself like an Arab.

  • Henna Painting.
    Henna painting or henna tattoos are primarily for ladies. Henna tattoos are also included in our desert safari package. But you will get only a tiny tattoo.

  • B.B.Q Buffet Dinner.
    Since we believe in providing customized services to each client so that their trip is without any hassle or problems, we will serve vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in our BBQ dinner.

  • Sheesha Smoking.
    We have a designated area for sheesha lovers, and due to the high demand, we have already included this in our basic package. If you want to smoke sheesha, you have to join others in our sheesha lounge. If you order on your table for that, you have to pay an extra 30 AED.

  • Live Dance Shows.
    The night does not end with just seeing a beautiful sunset, dune bashing, or camel ride, but you will get a chance to enjoy a great musical night with dancing, music, and food. Desert safari in Dubai is a fun and exciting experience of Dubai nightlife, where you will see exotic and mesmerizing belly dancing, Tanura dancing, and a thrilling fire show. The classical music, dancing, and the fire show under the open sky are guaranteed to make your experience an unforgettable experience.

  • Drop Off.
    Once you get free from all the activities and shows, our safari captain will pick you from our desert camp and drop you at your location.


Desert Safari in Dubai Cost per Person.

Price for desert safari in Dubai 130 AED per person and 100 AED per kid age between”4-10” years. If you select any add-on camel ride or quad bike during your desert tour, you have to pay extra for that. Camel ride for 20 – 30 minutes cost you 100 AED extra, so the total price of an evening tour with camel ride will be 230 AED for an adult and 200 AED for a kid.

How to book a desert safari?

Desert safari booking is too easy. So for booking you can call or WhatsApp us on this number 00971-55-3999-602, or fill our desert safari booking form, our sales department will get back to you.

How to pay for the desert tour?

We have different payment options; you can transfer to our company bank account, pay online, pay by card once you reach our desert camp, or pay cash to the driver once he comes to pick you.

Pregnant women and older adults are not recommended for dune bashing.

Your safety comes first. So along with offering a great desert safari tour, we take complete care of your safety and security. Therefore, our vehicles are checked to make sure they are safe and contain safety equipment. Moreover, all our vehicles are insured with passengers. We advise everyone to wear their seat belts to ensure their safety, and we train our staff to provide first aid and ensure the passengers and the safari captains follow safety standards.

You should wear the appropriate dress for desert safari and bring your camera along so that you can capture the breathtaking moments to make them forever memorable.