Enjoy specials of Arabia !

Coffee is the most preferred beverage whether at time of work or at leisure. People from all over the world can’t start or complete their day without it. There are for sure a lot of types of coffee available and there are hundreds of ways to prepare this drink and you can like them all for different reasons.
Arabic Coffee in Desert

Arabic Coffee in Dubai Desert

When you are in the UAE, let us introduce to you a special type of Arabic coffee which is called “Gahwa”. The famous traditional beverage is prepared with a totally different recipe and ingredients that are differ from traditional ways too. In the UAE, people like coffee with spices, Spices like cinnamon and saffron are used to give a special Arabian touch to this beverage. Unbelievable??? You must try them, these additives will make you appreciate your drink.

In order to make sure that you get to know every beautiful traditional aspect of the region Arab, at dune bashing we serve this valuable tradition with specific taste and style. Our hosts, “gahwaji” will make sure that your cup is getting filled until you are not done adoring the drink.

Almost everyone will be aware of the fact that UAE produces the finest quality of dates that are exported in every part of the world. For dessert and sweet lovers, Dubai and desert safari together has a good value to offer. Add dates along with Arabian coffee to your evening or night and get set to delight in sweetness that will melt in your mouth instantly and stay in your mind for quiet long.

Desert Safari Tour That Arabic Coffee