Hatta Oman Safari

If you are bored or have a full with the glamorous city of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Hatta safari will give you an adventure that you are missing. Driving between the great mountains of Hatta and Hajjar, scenic beauty, natural pools, Hatta heritage village, Hatta fort, and dune bashing all will bring you an experience of your lifetime.
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Hatta Desert Safari

Hatta Mountain Safari:

Our safari captain will pick you up from your doorsteps, and the journey starts toward the Hatta Mountains, located 100 km from Dubai Downtown. It is an early morning tour and lasts for 6 hours. After that, you will pass through the vast mountains of Hatta and Hajjar through a scenic route.

Once you arrive in the hatta, you will enjoy bashing the dunes of the hatta in your 4x4 vehicles, and you will forget the Desert Safari Dubai trip. After that, our safari captain will take you to the heritage village of the hatta, where you can shop, take pictures, and explore the 200 years old town. After that, you will move along the mountains and be taken to the top of a mountain for photographing the amazing valleys and mountains of Hatta.

You will also enjoy the off-road drive on sandy and rocky roads to add thrill to your trip. Then you will be taken to a natural pool stop, where you can walk, take pictures or even dive in. Natural pools provide optimum temperature, so you can dive in either in winter or summer to freshen up.

Finally, your ride will reach the famous Hatta fort hotel, where you can explore the Hatta Fort and have lunch to replenish your energy. On the way back, a short stop will be made at the historic carpet market. You can shop or look around and keep taking pictures to store all the memories of the magnificent mountains of Hatta.

Hatta Mountain Tour : Includes

Hatta Safari Price

Per Adult: 250 AED / 68$
Per Kid: 230 AED / 62$

Hatta Safari Timing

Pickup TIME:08.00 - 08.30 hrs
Drop Off TIME:14.00 - 14.30 hrs
DURATION : Approx. 6 hours (including transportation time)
DAYS OF OPERATIONS : Sunday to Thursday
  • Pick up and drop anywhere in Dubai
  • A short session of Dubai dune bashing
  • Drive to Hatta Heritage Village
  • Mountain photo stop
  • Off-road drive (sandy rocky road) approx. 20 minutes
  • Lunch at Hatta Fort Hotel
  • Halt at the carpet market on return journey

Pregnant women and very elderly people are not recommended for dune bashing, rest of the tour they can enjoy.

Your safety comes first. So along with offering great Hatta Oman Safari we take complete care of your safety and security. Therefore, our vehicles are checked to make sure they are safe and contain safety equipment. Moreover, all our vehicles are insured with passengers. We advise everyone to wear their seat belts to ensure their personal safety and we train our staff to provide first aid and to ensure safety standards are followed by the passengers and the driver.

You should wear an appropriate attire for Hatta Oman Tour and bring your emirates ID or passport and camera along so that you can capture the breath taking moments to make them forever memorable.